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Thank you for visiting our blog post on “Plott Hound Events, Associations, and Breeders”! You’ve come to the correct place if you’re an avid dog lover, especially if you have a thing for Plott Hounds. This article will dig into the fascinating world of Plott Hound competitions, where these extraordinary dogs display their prowess and talents.

We will also look at the different breed-specific organizations that work to support and preserve the breed and offer owners, breeders, and fans alike a wealth of information. Additionally, we will highlight several reputable breeders who are renowned for their commitment to breed standards, health, and temperament if you are thinking about bringing a Plott Hound into your household. So let’s go on a journey that highlights the Plott Hound’s exceptional traits and learn about the lively neighborhood that this gorgeous breed calls home.

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Plott Hound Events

Discover Plott Hound events, associations & breeders! Explore this loyal breed's community & find reputable breeders.

1. PlottFest

PlottFest, held annually in Canton, North Carolina, is a remarkable celebration dedicated to honoring Plott Hounds and their significant historical and cultural contributions. This event, recognized as a showcase for the state dog of North Carolina, offers a diverse range of activities and attractions for attendees to enjoy.

Bear Baying Events & Bear and Coon Treeing Contests

At the event, Plott Hounds showcase their excellent tracking and hunting skills in exciting Bear Baying Events and Bear and Coon Treeing Contests. The breed’s instincts and skills are thrillingly displayed in these competitions.

Youth Bench Show

Young dog lovers can display their Plott Hounds and receive useful show ring experience at the Youth Bench Show that PlottFest holds for them.

UKC Sanctioned Bench Show

There is a UKC Sanctioned Bench Show, giving breeders and owners a chance to display their Plott Hounds and compete for honors.

Additional Information

More than just competitive events are available during PlottFest. Live performances and a wide variety of food sellers help the festival create a lively atmosphere that guests may enjoy all throughout the celebration. The event also has fascinating exhibits and engrossing demonstrations that emphasize the special characteristics and extensive history of Plott Hounds.

Visitors at PlottFest have the opportunity to get in touch with groups that specialize in Plott Hound rescue. The festival’s Wayward Plotts exhibit is dedicated to saving stray Plott Hounds from shelters and placing them in devoted homes. Attendees will have the chance to find out more about the Plott Hound rescue efforts and perhaps donate to the cause.

Bob Plott, a renowned novelist, magazine columnist, Plott historian, and dog breeder, has the distinction of appearing at the festival. Bob Plott has attended PlottFest for book signings, giving attendees the chance to interact with the recognized expert and learn more about the interesting history and pedigree of the breed.

Plottfest also has (well, had) a booth Wayward Plotts – an organization devoted to rescuing abandoned Plott hounds from shelters. If you are interested to know more about Plott Hound Rescue, we have more details on our page here. Also, Bob Plott, an author, magazine columnist, Plott historian and dog breeder has visited Plottfest for book signings.

It’s crucial to remember that some PlottFest activities can have an entrance price. Visit the official PlottFest website for thorough information on the festival schedule, ticketing, and any updates. PlottFest aims to be an exciting experience full of fun activities, opportunities for learning, and a celebration of the extraordinary Plott Hound breed.

2. Plott-toberFest

Plott-toberFest is a highly anticipated event that embraces the celebration of North Carolina’s state dog, the Plott Hound, alongside the rich German heritage of Haywood County. Scheduled to take place from October 5th to October 8, 2023, in Canton, North Carolina, this festival promises an exciting blend of cultural appreciation and community support.

Co-sponsored by the Haywood County Historical & Genealogical Society (HCH&GS) and Mountain Memories Productions, Plott-toberFest serves as a fundraising event to benefit the Society and the Canton Historical Museum. The approval by the Town of Canton signifies the importance of this celebration in showcasing the area’s history and supporting local initiatives.

The HCH&GS debuts the creative event known as “Plott-Toberfest” in keeping with the increased efforts to honor Haywood County’s rich heritage. This occasion combines the cherished PlottFest UKC Annual Competition honoring the Plott Hound, the state dog of North Carolina, with a lively celebration of the region’s German heritage.

Plott-toberFest promises to be an exciting event that honors the Plott Hound breed as well as the cultural contributions of Haywood County’s German community, even if specifics have not yet been made public. There will be several events, including the customary PlottFest UKC Annual Competition, when Plott Hounds’ extraordinary abilities will be on full show.

Visitors can experience the rich German legacy as the festival progresses with engaging exhibitions, cultural displays, live performances, and authentic German food and drink. These components working together will produce a festive ambiance that highlights Haywood County’s distinct personality and its strong ties to German customs.

Interested parties are urged to regularly check the Plott-toberFest official website for updates and extra information. Plott-toberFest ensures a special celebration in honor of the Plott Hound, North Carolina’s state canine, as well as the valued German heritage of Haywood County. It is an occasion that personifies neighborhood pride, respect for diverse cultures, and historical preservation.

3. The Plott Hound National Breed Show

The Plott Hound Breed Association hosts the widely anticipated annual Plott Hound National Breed Show, which is devoted to presenting the best Plott Hounds from all over the nation. The best Plott Hounds and their devoted owners, breeders, and aficionados come together for this famous show.

The occasion consists of a number of contests and other activities intended to highlight the outstanding traits and skills of the breed. Judges evaluate the dogs’ conformity to breed standards by analyzing their structure, movement, and general look during confirmation competitions.

The Plott Hound National Breed Show frequently includes obedience trials in addition to confirmation events, which evaluate the dogs’ receptivity to orders and their capacity to carry out various activities with accuracy and dependability. These tests demonstrate the Plott Hound breed’s intellect, trainability, and obedience.

Additionally, rally competitions might be included in the exhibition, giving Plott Hound owners a chance to amusingly and compellingly display their dogs’ abilities. Rally competitions often comprise a sequence of obedience drills where the dog and handler must cooperate to successfully accomplish the assignments.

It is a good idea to get in touch with your neighborhood kennel clubs, dog sports organizations, and Plott Hound breed clubs to be updated about forthcoming Plott Hound events, such as the Plott Hound National Breed Show. These groups frequently keep event calendars and can give you information on performances, contests, and other activities taking place nearby.

Plott Hound aficionados can see firsthand the beauty, athleticism, and extraordinary attributes of the breed by going to the Plott Hound National Breed Show and other Plott Hound events. It also offers a wonderful chance to interact with other Plott Hound fans, get knowledge from seasoned breeders and handlers, and broaden your admiration for these extraordinary dogs.

Plott Hound Associations

1. The American Plott Association (APA)

The American Plott Association (APA) is a notable organization established in 1987 that plays a vital role in the Plott Hound community. One of its key achievements is its significant contribution to the establishment of breed standards for the American Kennel Club (AKC), ensuring the preservation and recognition of Plott Hounds as a distinct breed.

The World Dog Tree Registry’s breed standards have been significantly influenced by the APA. The APA has been instrumental in promoting the Plott Hound breed and preserving its purity thanks to their knowledge and commitment. The American Plott Association, which offers a platform for Plott Hound aficionados to interact, share experiences, and stay up to current on the most recent events within the community, may also be found on Facebook by those who are interested in learning more and receiving updates.

2. National Plott Hound Association

The National Plott Hound Association (NPHA) is a well-known group that offers Plott Hound fans a wealth of information. The NPHA provides a plethora of information to both its members and the general public. It was founded with the goal of promoting the breed and assisting its community.

The association’s extensive event database, which provides information on Plott Hound-related events like shows, trials, contests, and reunions, is one of its standout features. As a result, aficionados may keep informed about planned activities and actively engage in the lively Plott Hound community.

The National Plott Hound Association has a photo collection displaying the elegance, adaptability, and distinctive qualities of Plott Hounds. This gallery offers members the chance to display their cherished canines while also serving as a visual representation of the breed’s attributes.

Additionally, the NPHA is devoted to safeguarding and advancing breed standards. They include thorough explanations of the Plott Hound breed standards, assisting owners and breeders in understanding the desired characteristics, outward look, and temperament of a purebred Plott Hound.

In addition to these tools, Plott Hound aficionados can get a variety of useful information at the NPHA. Articles, educational resources, health recommendations, advice on how to train, and other pertinent things to support the growth and welfare of Plott Hounds may fall under this category. The NPHA promotes a community of knowledgeable and accountable Plott Hound owners and breeders by acting as a common repository of information.

In conclusion, the National Plott Hound Association offers a multitude of information on events, a fascinating photo gallery, thorough breed standards, and a myriad of helpful tools. It also acts as an excellent forum for Plott Hound fans. The NPHA is the place to go for all your Plott Hound-related requirements, whether you are a devoted owner, breeder, or simply a fan of the breed.

Plott Hound Breeders

When searching for reputable Plott Hound breeders, there are several trusted sources you can consult. Here are a few reliable options to consider:

1. American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace

The AKC Marketplace is a reputable platform that connects potential buyers with AKC-registered breeders. It provides a searchable database where you can find Plott Hound breeders who meet AKC standards.

Website: AKC Marketplace

2. United Kennel Club (UKC) Breeder Directory

The UKC Breeder Directory is another valuable resource for finding reputable Plott Hound breeders. It offers a directory of breeders who adhere to UKC standards and regulations.

Website: UKC Breeder Directory

3. National Plott Hound Association (NPHA)

The NPHA, dedicated to the Plott Hound breed, may provide recommendations on reputable Plott Hound breeders. They can offer valuable insights and guidance in your search.

Website: NPHA Website

4. American Plott Association (APA)

The APA is another association focused on promoting and preserving the Plott Hound breed. They may be able to provide recommendations or resources to help you find reputable breeders.

Website: APA Website

When choosing a breeder, it’s crucial to do your due diligence and extensive study. Think about things like the reputation of the breeder, adherence to breed standards, health tests, socialization techniques, and general ethics. Additionally, speaking with the breeders directly and, if possible, touring their facilities can offer important insights about their breeding methods and the welfare of their dogs.

You can improve your chances of discovering a reliable Plott Hound breeder who puts the health, temperament, and general quality of the breed first by using these resources and performing meticulous evaluations.

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